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Well, it finally happened…I turned 30 on Saturday! Pictured above was my dinner (that’s chimichurri on the steak…SO good). It was a lovely day filled with breakfast at Ruth’s Diner, the climbing gym, a massage and pedicure, then dinner, dessert, and watching Star Wars with good friends. It was the perfect way to ring in a new decade of life.

While returning some clothes to Kohl’s today, I inadvertently found myself in the awkward position of emotional support listener to the poor cashier girl. There wasn’t another customer (or employee, for that matter) for miles, and before I knew it I was hearing about how exhausted she was because she’d stayed up late fighting with her boyfriend last night because her boyfriend just doesn’t understand her problems and cares more about his own feelings than hers and she’s stuck in a dead end job but she has a communications degree but can’t find a job in that field and …. by this point I’d backed up a good 10 feet because she’d already finished my return ages ago and given me my receipt, and despite every clear social sign that I was ready to leave, she kept talking. So I listened.

Sometimes I think we’re all just so desperate for someone to listen to and understand us. I couldn’t tell that girl whatever it was she needed to hear, but I listened and wished her good luck. Sometimes that’s all you can do.

In other news…here’s what caught my eye online this week:

From one of my favorite female travel bloggers: The world is not safe – but you should explore it anyway.

Like the rest of the country, we ferociously consumed Netflix’s Stranger Things and I already can’t wait for the second season. So I found this article to be pretty interesting: The stories behind Stranger Things’ Retro ’80s Props.

And there was much rejoicing: new Gilmore Girls trailer!

Speaking of new trailers… M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming film looks CHILLING.

As someone who despises brainstorming in a group office setting, this research gives me hope. “As companies all over the country adopted the method, psychologists started to wonder: Does brainstorming actually work? Many scientific studies later, they had their answer: a resounding no. Study after study found that people who use this group technique produce fewer good ideas than those who ideate alone.” Brainstorming is dumb.

My friend Stef is one of those creative people who is good at EVERYTHING (seriously – check out her work). Her latest creation is this song, titled Ebb and Flow, and it’s so good.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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