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Weekend things

Sunset Peak trail

Heading back down the trail from Sunset Peak.

Here we are, at the end of another weekend. It’s true what adults say when you’re a kid; time flies when you get older. All you can do is try to live life to its fullest as it literally rushes past you. Ha.

This week our diet was in complete shambles. Does that ever happen to anyone else? We actually had food to cook, meals that were planned, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t face the kitchen this week. So, we ordered pizza twice (delivered by the same girl, who you know was judging us), ate cheese quesadillas one night, and even – I’m ashamed to admit – ordered from the McDonald’s drive-thru. I don’t know what the deal was, but we are getting back on the straight and narrow this week (says the person who just ate a PB&J for breakfast).

How was your week? Danny’s birthday was yesterday, so this weekend we celebrated with fancy dinner in Park City (including duck enchiladas, gazpacho, chorizo queso, elk london broil, snow crab guacamole, and ceviche), and a nice long hike to Sunset Peak yesterday morning with friends. Between all the food and hiking, I feel like I could nap for days. We’ve also been getting pretty obsessed with few new shows on Netflix and HBO GO: Stranger Things, How to Make It in America, and The Night Of. (I’m also hooked on Girls. I can’t stop!)

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week. May I suggest you read…

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  1. Holly Johnson Bynum

    I’ve been too ashamed to admit that I have been watching Girls–I didn’t know that you have been too!

    1. Emily (Post author)

      Yes!!!!!! Another show we can talk about! 😉


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