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Monthly Archive: January 2017

Radio silence + 2017 goals

I know it’s been quiet around here.

When I first wrote that sentence, I ended it with an apology. But I’m not sorry for taking time away, and too often I say sorry for a multitude of things that are simply not my fault.


Goal #1: Stop saying sorry for everything.


It’s not that I even wanted a break. I miss this little corner of the internet that’s all mine, and I’m trying to find my way back to it – truly, I am.


Sometimes life turns upside down, and for whatever reason, you lose interest in the very things you once loved to do. Writing for me sometimes is a painful process, in that I mean it is almost never easy. But I crave the feeling I get when I’ve managed to push through the mindblocks, the creative dry spells, the difficult emotions, and actually write something. My sweet, amazing therapist, who I’m already missing like crazy (she had to move on in her residency) gave me homework to simply write. And so here I am.


Goal #2: Start writing again.


2017 is the year I want to start living for myself – it’s the year I want to start taking the best care of myself: physically, mentally, and everything in between. It’s the year I want to learn how to say no….and how to say yes. It’s time to once and for all make my own decisions without fear of judgment or other people’s opinions. It’s time to trust myself, because I’m a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants and needs.


Goal #3: Trust my gut.


I only read 44 books in 2016, just shy of my goal of 50. I think I would’ve made it, but the past few months – as I’ve mentioned – I simply lost interest in things I love to do. Reading was one of those, and so for a good two-month period of time, I barely read anything. Recently I’ve been rediscovering my love for it, though (thank goodness, I missed it so), and I’m feeling hopeful that I can set a goal for 2017 and actually meet it.


Goal #4: Read 45 books this year.


And that’s it. A modest list, but one that fits perfectly with where I’m at in life. I left 2016 in a mix of emotions. So many highs and lows – good memories, but also really, really bad ones. Ones I’m not sad to leave behind. But I’m looking forward to 2017 with an open heart and mind. I know there are things in my life to look forward to, and I’m ready for them.

So ready.